Taking process control to the next level

Scantech Americas is leading the process control industry in offering converters an alternative to nuclear technology with a greener, more cost-effective approach

The newly introduced ultralight O-frame (ULO) scanner from Scantech Americas is taking online measurement and process control to the next level. Engineered with a compact machine frame and x-ray sensor and several energy-saving features, this technology is one of the industry’s most functional, accurate and environmentally friendly scanning solutions.

Unlike competing products, ULO sensors do not require hazardous radioactive sources such as gamma backscatter and are manufactured with fewer components, less cabling and more advanced electronics.

The result is a more robust system with greater production and cost-saving benefits for film, sheet, non-woven, coating and laminating applications. Scantech is leading the process control industry in offering an alternative to nuclear technology with a ‘greener’ approach.

Flexible and efficient

“We developed the ULO scanners to give processors a better option within an increasingly competitive marketplace,” explains business development manager Rick Roth. “The compact frame makes it adaptable to any production line which is a huge advantage. It is also equipped with even more capabilities than previous models. This translates into production line space savings and unmatched efficiency, which is required by today’s industry. It is truly going to raise the bar for online measurement and control.”

Simple maintenance

The ULO scanner series is defined by functionality. Maintenance is simple and operator friendly. Measurement sensors are mounted on the sides of the scanning head to avoid the risk of dust or grease falling onto measured material. The scanner’s drive system is shielded by the frame and associated covers. If needed, the inside of the frame can be lightly air-pressurised to prevent ingress of unwanted dust and fibers. This feature enables the scanner to be used in ultra-clean environments.

For more complex applications such as extrusion coating, multiple scanners can be linked in a ‘daisy chain’ to share data. As an added bonus the ULO is adaptable to any electrical power supply with power consumption below 250 watts (less than a small household appliance).

The scanner can be mounted on a production line from below, suspended from above or installed at an angle up to 30 degrees from horizontal. Sizes are available up to five meters wide. For widths up to two meters, scanner widths are available in 250mm increments beginning with the ULO1-250 up to the ULO1-2000. Scanners in widths of more than two meters are offered in 500mm increments including the ULO1-2500 up to the ULO1-5000.

Additional benefits include Scantech’s new SSA2 electronics architecture; compact sensors; unique computing capabilities; an internal 100 megabyte per second network; ultra-powerful maintenance tools; multiple logic and analog inputs/outputs; and external communication via Ethernet, serial link and all major fieldbus protocols.

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