Taking the weight out of lifting

Roll and reel handling systems that not only ensure safer and easier manoeuvrability but require minimal maintenance are among user-friendly solutions from Jarshire.

With the announcement of the Dotec agency agreement for their range of Lift Assist roll and reel-handlers, Jarshire is now able to offer an extremely comprehensive range of equipment to meet the reel-handling requirements found throughout the converting industry.

The range includes the Svecom reel lifter/turner that is designed to lift and turn reels up to a maximum weight of 250 kg. Completely manoeuvrable, the unit will handle reels from 400 mm to 1200 mm diameter and for example, palletise five reels with a width of 322 mm on to a standard pallet.

The unit is powered by maintenance-free gelatine electrolyte battery for up/down, rotate, forward and reverse movements. Also from Svecom, the BMS 1000 Reel Turner is an electro-hydro-pneumatic machine designed to solve the problems associated with the handling of reels of different materials and sizes. It can load, palletise, store and move reels of a wide range of weights and is particularly suitable for special papers that are otherwise difficult to handle. It can be installed on the floor in a fixed position or on a rail-mounted trolley connected to the electrical and pneumatic clamping chuck line. It can clamp the reel both vertically and horizontally, make horizontal and vertical movements and rotate through 360°.

Jarshire unwind/rewind stand systems are both operator-friendly and have minimal maintenance requirements, making reel handling and processing easier and safer. Individually designed to meet specific requirements, the stands may include Svecom lightweight airshafts for ease of handling. Manufactured from lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminium, the low weight of the shaft body allows easy and safe manual handling; this results in efficient insertion and withdrawal of the shaft from the reels thereby increasing production through quicker reel changes. Nexen tension control systems and tension brakes may also be fitted to achieve complete web control. Further options include safety chucks to eliminate shaft dropout; knife holders for edge trim and slitting; and infrared dryers.

The Jarshire Reel-saver and Core-restorer does exactly that. On-site demonstrations have convinced many companies within the packaging, corrugating and paper converting sector to purchase them to restore 3″, 6″ and 8″ ID cores on old or damaged reel stock.

These customers are already making big savings – one reporting payback within just five minutes. Packaging material that once had to be put to one side because of damage to cores sustained during transit or on-site handling can now be back in the production stream within minutes.

Pneumatically operated, the Jarshire Reel-Saver’s tapered jaws are simply inserted into the damaged core and at a flick of a switch, they expand to return the core to its original shape. Since their introduction in 1995, more than 300 have been purchased, saving users both time and expense.


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