Tapes optimise printing processes

The entire flexible packaging printing process from plate mounting to end tabbing can benefit from the efficiencies inherent in a single source of supply, says tesa UK

tesa solutions for the printing of flexible packaging have now reached the point where the entire process from plate mounting to end tabbing can benefit from the efficiencies inherent in a single source of supply.

The concept of tesacohesion was first realised in the UK when tesa’s management identified four core elements: people, products, processes and performance – which needed to harmonise in one customer service programme; this one-stop-shop offer is seen as a natural development of that approach. tesa’s product range can be ‘mapped’ against the entire production run including splicing, roller wrapping, plate mounting, edge sealing, failure flagging, core starting and end tabbing so that the same levels of product quality and technical support can be relied upon for each stage of the process. One example of this is the 51905 EasySplice FilmLine. tesa considers itself the market leader in the application of modern straight-line printing and this has been extended to the film processing industry where 51905 will deliver fast and easy splice preparation, consistent print quality and reduced waste.

In other areas of the printing process the company has kept abreast of demand for high speeds and quality. For example, its range of foam-based plate mounting tapes has been adapted to accommodate the harder digitally produced plates which produce the finest dots. Developed in collaboration with leading press manufacturers, the PE-Foam employed in the Softprint 500μm plate mounting range has an optimised recovery capability which delivers dependable results even at high speed and offers thickness tolerances to support consistent ink distribution. Set-up should be improved and the characteristic fault of ‘barring’ is significantly reduced.

In the printing industry high process efficiency must go hand-in-hand with top quality results. tesa believes that its underone-roof supply capability is a critical factor in delivering competitive advantage to its customers as part of its tesacohesion policy.

tesa UK

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