Interfoam Vietnam has launched multiple local cooperation projects to achieve win-win results in Southeast Asia’s foam market

Interfoam is a leading platform in the whole foam industry, including exhibition, virtual show, conference, media, Interfoam award, expert talk etc. Interfoam leads the foam industry in sustainable development, application innovation and technological change, and constantly creates long-term value for the foam industry.

Interfoam Vietnam is one of the branding shows of Interfoam, which focuses on Southeast Asia. It’s the best choice for global foam enterprises to invest and develop the Southeast Asian market.

From March 5th to 12th, 2023, the Interfoam Project Team visited Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for business meetings with the co-organizers of the Interfoam Vietnam 2023. The team also visited local professional associations related to plastics and foam materials, and conducted market research through investigating plastic manufacturers in Ho Chi Minh City and surrounding areas.

Interfoam Vietnam is one of the global exhibitions organized by Interfoam, mainly serving the foam industry and its application market in the Southeast Asia. In order to more comprehensively cover the whole Vietnam, Interfoam and Vinexad decided to jointly host the Interfoam Vietnam 2023, which is a correct and efficient strategy.

Vinexad, the co-organizer of Interfoam Vietnam 2023, is the largest state-owned exhibition company in Vietnam, which has a strong industry database and rich social resources. Interfoam joins hands with Vinexad to target all local exhibitors and audiences through joint publicity and strategic invitations. They will also jointly hold the opening ceremony and press conference of the Interfoam Vietnam 2023.

Interfoam Project Team and Vinexad Team

In order to further analyze the latest data of Vietnam’s plastic and foam material industry, the Interfoam Project Team suggested screening the data from different areas, such as furniture, packaging, automobiles, building materials, electronics, home appliances, sports and leisure, and logistics, which will thus ensure that the Interfoam Vietnam 2023 acutely targets visitors, meet the basic needs of the demographic while providing premium services for the whole industry chain to the greatest extent. At the same time, the Vinexad Project Team mentioned the high popularity of the Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center, suggesting that the schedule of the next Interfoam Vietnam be determined in advance, and the two parties discussed accordingly.

Interfoam Project Team and Vinexad Team

With the purpose of better integrating Vietnam’s industry resources, Interfoam has established connections with various local professional associations, linking upstream and downstream enterprises related to plastic and foam materials, thus creating a closed-loop ecological chain for the Interfoam Vietnam 2023. During this business visit to Vietnam, the VIETNAM PLASTICS ASSOCIATION-VPA, VIETNAM SAIGON PLASTICS ASSOCIATION-VSPA, SHOES AND LEATHER ASSOCIATION OF HO CHI MINH CITY-SLA, VIETNAM PACKAGING ASSOCIATION-VINPAS, HO CHI MINH RUBBER PLASTIC MANUFACTURER ASSOCIATION-RUPA all had successful business meetings with the Interfoam Project Team.

The Interfoam Project Team was discussing with various associations

During the meetings, in order to help Chinese enterprises setting up factories in Vietnam to obtain more exchange opportunities and trade connections, the Interfoam Project Team recommended a list of outstanding enterprises to the associations based on the fields they serve for. It is worth mentioning that Interfoam has reached a cooperation agreement with the VIETNAM PLASTICS ASSOCIATION-VPA and the VIETNAM SAIGON PLASTICS ASSOCIATION-VSPA, launching an all-round  promotion plan for its members and striving for the most supporting policies and preferential conditions for companies located in Vietnam.


After fruitful business meetings, during which multiple parties made exchanges on the development of Vietnam’s plastic and foam material industry and Interfoam’s plan and resources, all five professional associations mentioned above have reached a consensus to join the Interfoam Vietnam 2023 as supporting organizations. Based on the media support from associations’ official websites and magazines, the Interfoam Vietnam 2023 will also invite university professors from relevant areas to attend the opening ceremony and address the forum, and expressed the strong willingness to invite the members of various associations to become exhibitors or visitors.

Five Associations Confirmed of Joining Interfoam Vietnam 2023 as Supporters

It is reported that Interfoam will cooperate with the VIETNAM SAIGON PLASTICS ASSOCIATION-VSPA to co-organize the Pre-Exhibition Seminar of Interfoam Vietnam 2023 in Ho Chi Minh City at the end of April. Relevant government agencies, experts and professors will be invited to exchange views on the development prospects and investment environment of the Vietnam’s plastic and foam material industry, thus providing the latest status description and analysis report for the upstream and downstream enterprises on the whole industry chain.



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