The Nuova GIDUE S.r.l.

Innovation, exclusive proprietary technologies, robust manufacturing are the GIDUE world-wide recognized advantages. The Nuova GIDUE S.r.l. manufactures printing and converting machines for the Labels and Packaging industry. wide range of GIDUE technologies (flexography, offset, digital, silkscreen, hot stamping, coupon labels, booklet labels etc.) is distributed in a broad range of press lines, from 280 mm to 630 mm. wide.

At LabelExpo Americas 2012 Gidue will be present “live” with M5: exclusive GIDUE Digital Flexo 3.0 technology (PrintTutor™), fully automated “digital” register and print pressure adjustments, no limitation of printable substrates. The shortest automated set-up wastes in the market.

Also on-show revolutionary converting section for self-adhesive labels at high speeds NewSnowBall™, Bambi™, DigiGap™). The most advanced press for micro-short runs (comparable wastes and set-up times with digital presses) and very long runs at high speed (180 m/min), on any Labels and Packaging substrate.