There and back pack ready assembled

Charapak has designed an innovative mail order pack that it says saves on labour, reduces the space required for the packing operation and provides an easy means for consumers to return unwanted goods safely and in good condition. The new ‘There & Back Pack’ was created by Charapak specifically for an online clothing retailer who had a need to recover returned items safely and efficiently, but Charapak says it is suitable for many different types of online retail operations.

The pack is being produced on Charapak’s recently installed J&L Folder Gluer machine, using the Valco SealTak pressure-sensitive adhesive and release liner applicator that enables the adhesive to be extruded wherever it is required on a box or pack design.  Each box is packed flat but ready-assembled meaning that it can be folded out ready to use very quickly.  In its first application, the time taken to assemble and pack the box is just 17 seconds, compared to one minute for the previous pack, which has led to valuable savings on labour requirements.

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