Thermographic analysis system generates film quality revolution

Thermographic analyses using intelligent imaging processes prevent unacceptable material variations. Material errors that occur as stripes running in the direction of production are always possible when films, for example, polyester, are manufactured.

These stripes possess a greater mass per unit area and occur at irregular intervals which means that they are usually not detected by the traversing system that measures the mass per unit area.

Furthermore, it is not always possible for the human eye to detect such stripes – and spot checks in the laboratory are not able to locate all the defective areas. But they constitute an unacceptable quality defect in the material manufactured and thus make customer complaints unavoidable.

Error detection

With its IndiTherm Mobile product measuring and control specialist betacontrol has developed an analysis system that does not only safely recognise temporarily occurring stripes but detects other errors and thus reliably prevents material variations. The thermographic analysis records video heat images from suitable monitoring positions which perform checks to detect stripes temporarily occurring in the longitudinal direction of production.

Definite analyses and assessments are only difficult to achieve due to the fact that stripes with higher temperatures do not only occur in the longitudinal direction during the measuring process, they also appear across the product. However, the heat-image processing algorithms that betacontrol has developed allow the longitudinal and lateral stripes to be separated and individually scrutinised.

This method of intelligent image processing eliminates the lateral stripes, which enables any longitudinal stripes to be reliably detected. The continuous display of temperatures and temperature variations in 2D and 3D mode is suitable for both online and offline application-specific quality monitoring.

Consistent quality

Significant increases in process and quality checks can be achieved with this system of comprehensive monitoring.

The processing of any tolerances exceeded also allows longitudinal stripes and spot defects to be reliably recognised and localised so that production processes can be guaranteed to deliver consistent qualities without variation in the interests of complete customer satisfaction. IndiTherm-

Mobile is suitable for process-analysis and process control applications.

It is possible to monitor actual qualities during the extrusion of flat films, film and board calandering, blow-extrusion film and in heating and cooling lines.


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