Third Bimec slitter at JG Service

JG Service AG, flexible packaging specialists based in Hohenwart, have once again shown their confidence in Bimec with the purchase of their third Bimec slitter rewinder – a latest model STM/83.3.

JG Service AG is a German company founded in 1992 and in continuous growing. they have been producing laminates for a vast variety of pouches and sachets

Once in production in the customer’s premises the new heavy-duty and high-performance slitter Bimec STM/83.3 will process plastic film and duplex and triplex laminate.

This machine has been customized with antistatic brush spreader roller with efficient static removal and spreading in one operation, accurate knife positioning system by pointer with digital measuring and display unit and finished reel automatic pushing system.

The STM/83.3 features a maximum unwind capacity of 1000mm diameter and can rewind finished rolls up to 800mm in diameter.

Bimec’s well established STM series is continually evolving to meet the exacting performance levels demanded by converters.  The STM series is equipped with all options to streamline setup and job cycles, including automatic tension control, programmable touchscreen control systems, shaftless unwinds and rewind unloading facilities.