Trading company formed in Shanghai

INDUSTRlAL UV technology company Dr. Hönle has established a new trading company in Shanghai. Hönle and its subsidiaries are well established in the Asian market selling high-end UV curing systems as well as the adhesives made by group company Panacol.

In the past, Hönle traded in the Asian market with a network of sales and service partners and opened its first office in China in 2002.

Now, the previous Hönle representative office has been transformed into an official trading company and Hönle has obtained full trading and import rights and is authorized to provide its products directly to customers, who will benefit from direct support and an improved after sales service.

Managing director of the Hoenle UV Technology (Shanghai) Trading is Dr. Kang-Kai Ma, who has been working for the Hönle Group as the sales contact in Asia for a long time. Together with his staff he will expand the Hönle Group´s operations in China.


T: +49 (0) 89 85608 170