UK: Efficient dust removal

ACCORDING TO Baldwin Jimek today’s solutions of dust removal systems have a common problem: they are connected to a vacuum blower with the goal

to transport the dust caused by the cut via the hood to a filter system. According to tests and researches the problem is not the low vacuum in the hood only.

The company’s high performance Slitvac machine is claimed to have the answer to this problem.

The fundamental issue is the air flow at the longitudinal cut, the energy it produces and the direction of the air current. Above the slitting section the piping is installed. All hoses, connectors and clamps are connected with the fixed tubing. The vacuum blower generates an extremely high air flow directly at the upper knife. Due to the noise absorption around the blower, the sound level is less then 78 dB.

Slitvac technology generates an air flow of >30m/sec. parallel to the knife and contrary to the running direction of the web. A specifically developed air duct is enclosing the knife in the hood.

Slitvac hoods are individually designed and constructed for knives of all major knife manufacturers. Baldwin says that Slitvac removes loose dust particles with an efficiency of >98 percent at a particle size up to 30 µ directly at the slitting knife.

Advantages claimed are: simple knife change; the hood is lifted off together with the knife; there are no consumables or wearing parts and so is maintenance free. It can be retrofitted on almost all machines and comes with turnkey installation and commissioning.


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