UK: Fraser introduces two eliminators

FRASER ANTI-STATIC Techniques has launched two new products designed to aid engineers in the elimination of static electricity even at high speeds and in sensitive applications.

Jupiter is a long range static eliminator that uses advanced DC technology, intelligent ionisation and a 24V Power Supply to provide the ultimate solution for static elimination.

With internal microcomputers and power supplies, Jupiter monitors the emitter current and feeds this information back into the microprocessor to provide optimal ionisation performance. A remote monitoring system that connects directly to your machine allows instant access to the operational status of the Bar.

Jupiter is suitable for use in an extensive range of applications and provides the ultimate in static elimination by being up to five times more powerful than competitive systems, claims the company.

The second of Fraser’s new developments is the Model 2050 a high specification ionised air blower designed specifically to meet the demanding requirements often found in the electronics, medical, pharmaceutical and RFID Industries.

The 2050’s integrated power supply and controls create an electrical balance (+/- 30V is standard for this model.) An audible alarm signals a fault to the operator and LED’s show the operational condition of the blower.


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