UK: Order for Atlas

ATLAS CONVERTING Equipment has announced its first order since leaving the Bobst Group following an MBO that left the company in charge of its own destiny.

A Titan SR8 twin-shaft cantilever slitter rewinder has been commissioned at Plastic Packaging for its production facility located in North Carolina. US.

The company has extensive converting operations including pre-press, printing, laminating, slitting and converting for a diverse range of flexible materials for packaging applications in bags, pouches, sleeve labels and other roll stock. Three flexographic printing presses, including a recent installation with smartGPS setup technology, were installed at Plastic Packaging in Hickory by Fischer & Krecke of Germany.

The capability of handling a wide variety of flexible materials at high production speeds was an essential part of the Titan SR8 slitter specification for Plastic Packaging. The 1650mm wide Titan SR8 slitter has a maximum rewind diameter of 800mm running at production speeds of up to 600m/min with a laser core positioning system providing a quick, accurate guide for the operator in positioning new rewind cores for re-starting the slitting process. Slit widths can be as narrow as 25mm and the slitter also features an automatic knife positioning system.

The handling and unloading of the finished reels is accomplished by an automatic reel stripping system which enables the finished slit reels to be safely pushed off the rewind shafts and on to unloading booms.


T: +44 1234 852553