UK: Recycler strengthens team

SMURFIT KAPPA Recycling, one of the largest recyclers of paper and card in the UK, has made two regional appointments this autumn. Sarah Lesting has filled the new role of commercial manager for the South East, based at the Smurfit Kappa paper mill in Snodland, Kent while Tamara Bolger has been appointed recycling liaison officer based at Birmingham City Council, a major supplier of recycled paper and card to the Smurfit Kappa SSK paper mill in Nechells, Birmingham.

An experienced paper industry professional from Kent, Sarah Lesting joins Smurfit Kappa Recycling from the recycled paper company Leipa UK. Her new role will be to increase the amount of paper and cardboard collected from the South East region, which can then be recycled at the Snodland mill and used in the manufacture of new packaging by the Smurfit Kappa Group.

Smurfit Kappa Recycling’s managing director, Simon Weston, said. “We are keen to expand our operations locally and Sarah’s energy and enthusiasm for recycling will help to ensure that we can source more paper and cardboard from the surrounding area. The closer to our mill that material is collected, the lower the carbon emissions will be in delivering it to Snodland for reprocessing.”

Birmingham City

Meanwhile in the UK Midlands, Tamara Bolger will be working closely with Birmingham City Council staff to improve paper recycling facilities and raise awareness among community and faith groups, schools and residents associations across the City. All of paper and card recycled by Birmingham’s residents through the blue box scheme and the Smurfit Kappa Recycling banks is taken for reprocessing at the Smurfit Kappa SSK paper mill in Nechells which provides jobs for 130 people. Tamara says: “Telling people that the paper they recycle is being used locally and not shipped abroad while also helping to employ local people is such a powerful argument. It is a message I will never get tired of telling and retelling!”

As part of the world’s largest fibre-based packaging group, Smurfit Kappa Recycling provides bespoke and sustainable solutions for local authorities, businesses and organisations of all sizes, including recovery of cardboard, office papers and plastics, security shredding and waste disposal. The Group paper mills in Snodland, Kent and Birmingham and reprocess approximately 500,000 tonnes of material per annum, providing a reliable market for recovered paper and card.


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