UK: Simplicity of single shaft

GASKET AND stamped parts manufacturer Schlösser has ordered an AlphaShaft slitter rewinder to improve the quality and productivity of its slitting department.

Schlösser lists over 10,000 different parts from 1,200 different materials in its product range and the new machine has to slit them all, including PET, OPP, cork, and foams. Alpha Converting has developed the new machine specifically to meet Schlösser’s need for flexibility and efficient job changes for this varied production.

Karl Konrad, Schlösser’s engineering manager knew that the very simplicity of the single shaft layout and the short web path was what he wanted. He said “The highlights of the machine for us are fast changeover, process memory function and a short and simple web path – there are only few suppliers able to construct such a customised machine for us at a fair price.We needed a machine for a wide range of materials and many available options with good access, a simple threading path and one that is quick to operate. Alpha Converting responded to our needs and was able to implement those changes into the design.”

Schlösser and Alpha Converting have worked together to develop a special version of this machine that can wind the full product range without losing those key features.

The new AlphaShaft has an integral unwind with retracting splice table. The slitting station has Alpha’s fully automatic knife setting system and is equipped with both shear slitting and crush slitting, which can be selected depending on the material. Razor slitting is also available in place of the shear slitting knives – the webs are then separated prior to winding on the rewind shaft. The rewind has independent centre and surface drive motors combined with servo controlled linear tracking enabling every material to be wound under the optimum conditions.


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