UK: Upgraded in record time

SHORT RUN label printer Mercian Labels, UK, has discovered a solution to the problem of rewinding labels caused by the adhesive used on some of its products. The company shopped around and finally selected a Daco DTR machine was an ideal platform for the rewinding and providing an upgrade path for future developments was key to their decision to purchase in June 2008 with the latest upgrade in 2010.

The Daco does not use a nip roller, so at no time is the surface of the label touched. This makes the machine suitable for applications where there is adhesive bleed from some types of labels, applications that require numbering via inkjet and for the rewinding of ECL/ booklet labels.

Mercian after finding that the machine was a real asset to their short run division required that the machine was upgraded to dual product rewinds to increase the flexibility of the Daco DTR further. Several drawings where produced to see if the machine could be upgraded utilising the current machine cabinet and main plate. It became apparent that the machine would need a new cabinet and main plate.

Daco using its own machine shop to manufacture a new main plate, drive shaft and air mandrel for the upgrade. The existing machine was totally stripped from its original main plate and cabinet, re-assembled in the new cabinet, the second product rewind added and new machine software installed.

Merican Labels’ Dr Adrian Steel comments: “We have used Daco Solutions for a couple of tricky converting projects and have always been impressed with its design expertise and quality of the equipment they manufacture. Some of our applications have required non ‘vanilla’ solutions and its been reassuring that Daco has been able to deliver a working solution first time, every time with excellent post installation support.”


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