UK/US: Measuring deviation

LAKE IMAGE Systems, the data integrity, verification and inspection systems company, has released the latest tool for its Discovery suite. The new Colour Registration tool is designed to measure deviation in colour registration targets in sheet and web fed print processes.

Aimed at the digital and inkjet press markets, the new Colour Registration Tool measures deviation in Cyan, Magenta and Yellow targets, relative to Black. In the event that the system detects deviation outside the user definable tolerances, the system will highlight an error. When used as an OEM tool, or as an integrated retrofit, the system can feed back real time registration information allowing for automated colour registration control and print head alignment.

Martin Keats, UK managing director of Lake Image Systems, explained: “This tool reflect our strategy of continued development into the general print market, as we expand traditional data integrity applications into more comprehensive print quality inspection. Originally designed for integration into new digital and inkjet print presses, this tool also provides real time inspection for all colour print process.”