Universal adds automatic core positioning capability to X6 Slitter

Slitter-Universal-X6-IMG_9047The Universal X6 slitter rewinder has been a major seller into the flexible materials market over the last five years. Offering rapid set-up and precise control.

The capabilities of the X6 slitting machine have been expanded further with automatic core positioning. In the past, the operator has used lasers,  a tape measure or marks on the shaft to position the cores on the rewind shafts. This is limited in accuracy. Automatic core positioning combined with automatic knife positioning ensures that the slit edge is always lined up to the core edge. This results in fewer rewinds due to poorly aligned rolls and allows the operator to be undertaking other work whilst the cores are positioned.

The Universal X6 slitter rewinder has been designed to automate as many tasks as possible, freeing the operator to undertake work that is best completed by the operator. Standard features are:

  • Vertical raise/lower shaftless unwind make loading parent rolls very fast.
  • Remote control for unwind, simplifying roll loading
  • Automatic guider eye positioning, ensuring the parent roll is correctly positioned
  • Automatic positioning of shear knives and razor blades
  • Additional tension zone through slitting
  • Constant geometry contact rollers with precise control of contact pressure or gap
  • Closed loop rewind tension control
  • Automatic unloading of rolls
  • Automatic positioning of cores
  • Comprehensive machine diagnostics with remote access
  • Free telephone and internet support for the life of the machine

When combined, these features result in a machine with more running time and higher quality slit rolls. Customers are invited to visit our UK factory or our USA showroom, to see this technology in action. This technology really does benefit. We have received multiple orders from customers who have seen the systems in operation and have realised the rapid pay back that can be achieved.


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