UPM Raflatac and FSC Netherlands to provide sustainable labelling

UPM Raflatac Netherlands has signed a cooperation agreement with FSC Netherlands.

UPM Raflatac recognises the importance of sustainable forest management and its role in providing and promoting sustainable label products. Working together with FSC provides the opportunity to promote the benefits of sustainable forest management in the label and packaging industry.

“Our focus lies in increasing awareness of the importance of using forest-certified labels for brand owners. There is great potential for using FSC-certified paper in the packaging industry and our partnership with FSC will support this development,” said Jesse Rep, country manager of UPM Raflatac Netherlands.

“UPM Raflatac customers benefit from our cooperation with FSC. By choosing FSC-certified label products, we give our customers the assurance of the high level of corporate responsibility, and support the whole label value chain’s sustainability targets. As a frontrunner in forest certification, UPM Raflatac Netherlands would like to offer a support service for Dutch label printers that want to become Chain of Custody certified. We welcome printers that are interested in being in contact with us,” added Rep.

Liesbeth Gort, director of FSC Netherlands said: “We look forward to working together with UPM Raflatac to promote labels made from responsibly sourced paper from certified forests. This partnership not only stimulates an increase in the proportion of FSC-certified labels in the market, but also offers enormous potential to draw attention to sustainable forest management.”