UV LED devices displayed

AT THE recent Fespa 2011 show, Hönle exhibited a range of drying systems, in particular the Uvaprint series, such as the SOV 100. This UV unit can be readily integrated in almost any production process and is suited for all web and three-dimensional applications.

In addition to conventional UV technology, Hönle also demonstrated its UV LED devices for the pinning and curing in inkjet printing. The LED Powerline in particular has undergone rigorous and continuous development. It is now available in different lengths (in 40mm steps) and in wavelengths of 365/375/385/395/405nm, enabling it to be optimally matched to the application at hand.

As well as featuring the advantages of LED technology, said to be long lamp life, the absence of a heating and cooling phase and the ability to be switched on and off as often as necessary, the LED Powerline is compact, of low weight and high irradiation power.

Hönle says the use of its electronic power supplies (EPS) can improve the drying process even further. EPS technology reduces the energy required to operate the UV drying system while keeping productivity levels constant. The electronic power supply has a power of 10 kW and can be regulated between 15 percent and 100 percent as needed. When cascaded EPS units can achieve a total power of 12 kW.

The EPS 200 is an electronic power supply for UV discharge lamps with a maximum power of 21 kW. Its power can be continuously reduced to 3 kW as needed. The igniter is already integrated in the device. Due to its minimal wiring requirements, the device is easy to connect while its compact design enables easy integration into production lines.

Process specific lamps

The core of any UV drying system is the lamp. Hönle develops, produces and distributes high-end UV discharge lamps. In addition to the standard products, UV lamps with arc lengths from 50 mm to 3000 mm, the UV specialist also produces customized and process-specific lamps with special lengths and doping. Hönle lamps are also available for third party products.


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