Valco Melton designs and manufactures gluing technologies for various production processes, including tape, medical tape, and labels.

Stop by booth A5-1240 to see our Akura Applicators for uniform coatings on surfaces up to 3000 mm. They can be equipped with different modules, adhesive channels, and nozzle configurations to adapt to virtually any coating process. For automatic flow adjustments, our optional Grammage Control, working in close loop with the gear pumps can be incorporated.

Additionally, we will present our new CoatChek, which identifies flaws in adhesive coating, offering real-time product quality visualization and a historical archive of every defect. CoatChek helps avoid the risk of delivering faulty products and specifies the exact placement of the defect in the roll so that the defective section can be removed from the process.

Our comprehensive solutions for your coating needs include pre-melters (drum unloaders, extruders), melters and buffer tanks, and accessories to upgrade your coating processes, such as flow meters, static mixers and pumping stations. Overview: