Vetaphone celebrates 60 years on the cutting edge

Celebrating 60 years in the fast paced and highly changeable plastic industry is an achievement by itself, even more so as a family business, renowned for setting the standards within corona treatment.

Over the past 60 years the product development at Denmark-based Vetaphone has been driven by working closely with customers, solving their problems.

The company invented the quick change cartridge which almost eliminated downtime due to maintenance and the DPC system, enabling generators throughout the industry to run at very low power levels. They achieved production speeds well beyond 450 m/min on metallic substrates with their DPH system, and invented the entire corona technology and introduced the Material Factor.

“We live to invent, we thrive when we master new technologies and we get a real kick out of troubleshooting,” says marketing director Jan Eisby. “Even those of us with a degree in sales are engineers by heart. You have to be an engineer to work here. Vetaphone is all about coming up with solutions and refining and developing technologies within the area of surface treatment in the flexible packaging industry. But most of all it is about making things easier for the clients. When our father invented the corona technology his aim was to solve a problem for a renowned producer of paper bags who had just entered the new world of plastic. It annoyed the client that it wasn’t possible to print text and logos on the plastic bags.

“Every innovation we made was on the basis of a clients’ need to find solutions to specific problems or new challenges, minimise downtime, maximise production speed or to fine tune the production process.”


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