Visican invents cardboard and plastic ring pull tube

Visican has once again revolutionised the packaging industry by inventing the biodegradable cardboard and plastic ring pull tube.

In 2004 Visican became one of the first packaging companies in Europe to attain a BRC food grade certificate, ensuringthat the company could produce food and drink packaging with certification of the highest level.

The ring pull tube in both cardboard and plastic provides an entirely new perspective on the packaging industry and is the exact type of product Visican has developed to stay ahead of its competitors.

Because it can be produced in both cardboard and plastic it allows the customer to choose between a sturdy and professional package or a piece of packaging which is stylish and retail friendly.

Made from fully recyclable cardboard or plastic with customers branding available for both small and large production runs, the cardboard can be labelled with the customer’s logo or design and then sealed at one end with an aluminium safe rim full aperture ring pull lid. The innovation of having a metal ring pull lid on top of a plastic tube is practical and visually pleasing, says Visican. This product is exected to appeal to many different industries including food and drink, novelty and cosmetic. Able to be produced in clear plastic, the cardboard or plastic tubes can be filled and sealed by hand, rendering them both tamper-proof and re-usable when supplied with an over-fitting plastic lid.


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