Water – and air-cooled LED UV systems for all applications

METZ and its partner Integration Technology (ITL) demonstrated the latest developments in LED UV technology at LOPE-C in June this year.

Organic and printed electronics represent a new and revolutionary kind of electronics: thin, light, flexible and inexpensive to produce. This opens the door to entirely new kinds of applications with very specialised requirements. IST METZ and ITL presented water- and air-cooled LED UV systems with different power ratings for all application areas. With their special features the LED UV units can be used with temperature-sensitive substrates. They consist of freely configurable and addressable modules that can be adapted to the special requirements of a particular application to ensure optimal curing without negative effects on the substrate.

One example for inkjet or adhesive applications (such as OLED encapsulation) is the LUV LED UV system developed by IST METZ which can be switched on and off instantaneously. The LED unit can provide 100% output immediately if necessary; dimming is also possible according to requirements. Its main advantages are high drying performance with the lowest possible energy consumption as well as low heat build-up in the irradiated object.

A significant feature of the LUV system is its modularity. Further modules can be added to cover larger working widths. Furthermore, there are options provided for required wavelengths. As the modules consist of several arrays, a mix of five different wavelength zones is possible within one module.

The wavelengths 365, 375, 385 and 395 nm are available, allowing for an adaption of the individual modules to the chemical composition of a specific medium.

These LED UV solutions are enabling IST METZ and ITL to extend their lead in the field of organic and printed electronics.

In addition, IST METZ is a member of the Organic Electronics Association (OE-A), the international alliance for organic and printed electronics which currently includes over 180 companies, universities and institutes worldwide. The network works out development strategies and promotes cooperation between members in technical projects, as well as informing policy makers and the public about current developments in this emerging market.


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