Web guiding, web inspection and tension control: the most complete array of solution for the label industry at Labelexpo Europe 2017

Labelexpo Europe 2017 will be the right opportunity for Re S.p.A. to show all the best technological solutions for the label industry.

Web alignment and print inspection will be the topics in the foreground at the booth 9 C36.


Web guiding systems

At Labelexpo Re SpA will show the new WG.705 web guiding system specifically designed for the label industry and for all those applications that require a perfect alignment in narrow spaces.

WG.705 is a very compact system and can be equipped with integrated keypad onboard for an immediate control of all parameters of the system and to avoid problems of wiring: when the operator receive the web guide, he only has to mount it on the machine and easily and quickly set few parameters to set up the system.


Moreover, WG.705 is a very flexible system: accordingly to the application and to the operator’s requirements, it can be provided in different sizes, with the onboard or remote keyboard, with fixed or movable work board with listels or pistons and controlled with both Smartmotion or Resmart technologies.

Both Smartmotion, with WLigo controller, and Resmart, with MWG10.1 controller, are designed with the idea to considerably simplify all the operations; thanks to a user-friendly graphic and a color display all the parameters can be smoothly set with few steps.

WG.705 guarantees a reliable alignment of all kind of materials as it can work with all infrared, ultrasound and optical Re sensors.


Guardian 100% print inspection

The strong point of the exhibition is the new Guardian 100% print inspection, which is the advanced control system based on high resolution matrix camera, 5Mpixels, and specifically designed for narrow web inspection. Thanks to its technology, Guardian can visualize and inspect all the parallel labels of one reel just with a single image in order to find the defects reducing wastes and increasing productivity. The type of defect is logged in order to provide a detailed report for each roll. Guardian ensures high levels of quality and offers the best solution for your production processes and converting operations maximizing yield, productivity, and quality. The LED illuminator box guarantees a stable illumination in time and a diffuse light with optimized uniform illumination all over the field of view; moreover, the system has a field of view of 450 mm and a compensation of the film position up to +/- 5 mm.


Tension control

Having a perfect tension during all the process is essential to obtain a good quality product; Re S.p.A. is able to provide a wide range of solutions to solve the tension matter.

XT.7 and CX.250, together with a wide range of load cells and tension controller guarantee the right tension of the material during the whole web process also in the label industry.

CPF sensor roller is a cantilever load cell widely used in the label sector as it can be fixed from one side only and the position of the material on the roller does not affect the reading. Moreover, thanks to the integrate display, the operator can read the tension and set some parameters directly on the front of the roller.


Moreover, at Re S.p.A. booth 9 C36, a demo machine will display the complete array of Re products for the labels market.

To complete the portfolio of products for the labels industry, a wide range of expanding shafts and safety chucks needed for a perfect unwinding and rewinding of nonwovens reels.

Re S.p.A., since 1974, has been recognized all over the world as a leader for the automation process of laminates; reliability, innovation and customer care have always allowed Re S.p.A. to excel. During Labelexpo Europe 2017, Re S.p.A. staff will be happy to meet customers, partners, media and all stakeholder of labels industry and give them all information they need about the company and its technologies.