Well integrated web monitoring system

In the production of its high quality business and print products, Sigel relies on digital print monitoring solutions from Erhardt+Leimer that easily integrate with their machines

In the field of digital print image monitoring, Sigel relies on the ELSCAN camera solutions of Erhardt+Leimer with five of them currently in use.

“The fact that in 2010 Sigel decided once again on a solution from Erhardt+Leimer as part of a machine investment shows us how satisfied this demanding customer is with our product,” comments Dr Michael Proeller, “and the OMS 4 is even better.”

However, when deciding on the ELSCAN OMS 4, it wasn’t only the product benefits that played an important role.

“Erhardt+Leimer provides the entire package,” explains Sigel production manager Thomas Müller. “Sophisticated technology, low costs, high service quality, high flexibility – all these factors influenced our decision for the ELSCAN. “What particularly appeals to me is the successful integration of the entire camera system into the machine and the compact design which saves us time and material when inserting the web.”

Fully automated

The ELSCAN OMS 4 installed at Sigel is a fully automated double camera with widescreen monitor on a new Müller Martini Concepta. In full-screen mode, the images of the selected camera are displayed in full size on the monitor; in split-screen mode of both cameras, the images are displayed next to each other at the same time. The specially developed diffuse light of the flash is a new feature.

It enables an almost tangible image representation of various materials and printing methods. Critical, refined materials do not produce any dark spots but show up just as they are, for example golden in the case of gold foil and embossing.

The OMS 4 uses the digital camera technology already known from ELSCAN OMS 2. For years, Erhardt+Leimer has taken the development and production of respective software and the most important hardware components into their own hands.

A further benefit of the digital camera technology is the speed at which the image position is approached. Each image is displayed on the monitor in a matter of seconds which saves a considerable amount of time when setting up the machine. Once the important image positions are set in the repeat, the printer can view these ‘in passing’ in the automatic flow on the monitor, giveing the printer an impression of the quality of the production in process in just a few moments; it can immediately focus its attention back to the machine.

ELSCAN OMS 4 is a compact camera system that can be easily integrated into existing installations without extensive reconstruction. Operation via an optical or optional trackball mouse instead of with the keyboard corresponds to the PC operating principle of many ELSCAN users and leads to a lower error rate. By simply having a hand on the mouse and an eye on the monitor, every user is able to operate the device intuitively within a few minutes.

Various configurations

The ELSCAN OMS 4 double camera system is available in various configuration levels as a manual or motorised version. Thanks to two software versions available as an option, the ELSCAN can be easily adapted to meet individual requirements.

The ELSCAN PRO software allows it to save image positions and store them in terms of order in a library for use in repeat orders. ELSCAN PLUS allows easy inspection of homogeneous areas of color, including logos and marks in label, form, and packaging printing.


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