W&H’s Dynastar wins ERA Packaging Gravure Award 2017

At the beginning of November, W&H’s new gravure printing press, Dynastar, was awarded with the Packaging Gravure Award 2017 by the European Rotogravure Association (ERA) in the Innovation category.

The ERA Award is given out every two years, commending quality and achievement in the rotogravure print market. The announcement took place during the Packaging and Decorative Conference in Barcelona. The jury praised Dynastar for its new ideas and concepts, which has resulted in the production of short runs with increased profitability on rotogravure presses.

Gravure printing is a reliable and stable process that is recognised in the value chain of brands and distributors. The new gravure machine, Dynastar, was introduced by W&H at drupa 2016. The concept was inspired by the packaging industry’s need for diversity, shorter time-to-market, shorter printing jobs and accelerated production processes. Currently, printers are faced with high quality requirements, price pressure and environmental restrictions.

As an answer to these challenges in the market, Dynastar was developed to produce short print runs of only a few thousand metres and high profitability. Some of the main advantages of the Dynastar include maximum production uptime, minimised substrate and ink waste during change-over and minimal space requirements.

The most important product detail is the new slide-in cart system: Dynacart, carrying a print cylinder, inking roller, ink pan and ink supply, splash guards and the doctor blade device. This concept allows all preparations for the next print job to be made beside the press, while the machine is running. Even adjustments to the doctor blade system and the inking roller or ink pan can be pre-adjusted before sliding the Dynacarts into the press. Change-over of Dynacarts can be executed in a few minutes, generating a time reduction by 50 per cent compared to conventional rotogravure presses.