WITECH introduces its new product range in the Reel Handling Segment

WITECH MASCHINEN AG specializes in the development and manufacturing of equipment for reel handling and reel logistics. In the course of a partnership entered into with vR handling, a company of the vonRoll Infratec Group, the joint range of products was revised and currently includes reel logistics equipment and components for reel turners, reel transport, reel storage, reel preparation and loading of reel turners, together with maintenance and customer service. For details, see www.witech.ch.

Reel handling: Reel turners and reel transport systems with accessories

WITECH Reel Turners are engineered to simplify reel handling and the rapid tipping of one or several reels from the vertical to the horizontal position (and vice versa). Our standardized reel turner series consists of four basic systems, developed with consideration of plant logistics of the respective industry sector. They are standardized regarding reel diameter, length of the reel stacks and stack weight (up to 2,500 kg) as well as regarding the kind of reel loading/reel removal and the turning version.

In addition to these modular standardized turners, customized turning systems are also built for all reel-processing industry sectors: paper, film and corrugated cardboard industry, packaging industry, and newspaper printing industry.

Reel transport systems MecaRoll and Rolli constitute secure transport systems between the processing zones of the reels. The basic plant with conveying systems, rotary tables, automatic loading and unloading stations as well as reel unpacking stations can, therefore, be expanded in a modular fashion into a complete logistics system.

Reel transport with MoveRoll: A new sales partnership was established for the products of the company from Finland, bearing the same name. The “MoveRoll Pressure Conveyor” allows for the rolling transport of heavy reel material through an innovative, modular, easy to install and maintain pneumatic conveying concept without any mechanically moving parts. The system was an eye-catcher at the Fachpack 2016 in Nuremberg and it includes brake cushions, reel pushers and stoppers, in addition to the conveying elements.

MoveRoll System (see Video)

Reel storage and reel preparation: With EcoTrans and TransRobotRoll reels can be kept available at an automatic storage facility. The day storage for handling completely prepared reels offers major benefits for economic, cost-efficient and flexible production. Unpacking and preparation of the reels can be handled by the day shift; the reels are readily available for night-time production in high-bay racking in the immediate vicinity of the reel changer.

Reel loading: The concept of the motorized sliding platform with lifting fixture facilitates a solution for loading all types of reel changers as well as the removal of full and partially used residual reels. The new reel is positioned centered or in line with the running track. Next, the sliding platform moves the reel between the reel changer arms and lifts them to the level of the single axis. The core opening is thereby scanned by light barriers. Once centered, the reel moves to the axis of the cones and is clamped automatically.

In Plant Engineering, WITECH develops customer-specific complete plants, especially reel turner and transport systems, reel unpacking systems for the newspaper industry as well as special facilities. This also includes powerful installations for reel preparation, e.g. for unpacking reels and for pasting preparation for the subsequent fully automatic reel loading of reel changers (transfer stage) in the newspaper industry.

Reel handling with the utilization of gantry robots belongs to the core competencies of WITECH. WITECH builds all plants as a general contractor with a turn-key presentation to the customer.

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