World’s widest slitting machine claimed by Goebel

INCREASED SPEEDS and slitting widths have been incorporated in one of its established slitter rewinders by Goebel, Darmstadt, Germany. The company regards this development as setting a new milestone. The Goebel monoslit, designed as a robust and reliable slitting machine for processing plastic films such as BOPP or BOPET as well as other special films will in future be able to process plastic films on an 11-metre wide machine at a speed of 1,500 m/min.


The previous benchmark was a maximum working width of 10.5 metre. The world’s widest slitting machine will therefore be built in Darmstadt, claims Goebel, for its customer The China Soft Packaging Group, one of the largest BOPP producers in China.

The Chinese group ordered three of these 11-metre wide systems in April this year. For its requirements for fast and large primary slitters, the company prefers to rely on tried and tested quality and reliability and Goebel says it has so far ordered nine machines, with the three new machines intended to boost further production in Asia.

One of the particular design features employed by the the Darmstadt company is the development of an automatic razor blade exchanger. In the processing of standard plastic films, industrial razor blades are used as a matter of preference. Due to the high productivity of the system and the wear caused by the film, the razor blades quickly lose their cutting capability and have to be changed at set intervals (service life). This change previously had to be carried out manually posing increased risks of injury for the machine operators. The new automatic changing device, which is attached to the positioning carriage of the fully-automatic serial measurement adjustment, enables fast and safe replacement of the blades. The result, says Goebel, is a high level of automation coupled with improved safety for the machine operators.

The razor blade exchanger was primarily developed specially for the Goebel monoslit. Since its launch at K 2010, Goebel has already received numerous requests for the new razor blade exchanger. Two machines equipped with the razor blade exchanger will be delivered in the near future. Not only will new machines be equipped with the automatic razor blade exchanger: slitting machines already in service can be upgraded and optimised for the future by retrofitting with the device.

“Innovations must be driven in order to satisfy the increasing expectations of customers. Our customers are faced with strong competition every day. We therefore consider it our task to provide them with a decisive advantage by means of the consistent implementation of solutions optimised in terms of cost-effectiveness and production efficiency. Their success is based on high productivity and high equipment availability. Our goal is to identify and realise today what customers will need in the future. Being innovative, creative and fast forms the basis for building the machinery of tomorrow,” explains Harald Knechtel, Goebel sales director.

Goebel can claim to have considerable experience in the development of slitter rewinders for the processing of paper, plastic films and other special products. The range of machines available is comprehensive: from two-drum winders for the paper industry, special machines for narrow rolls and rolls with short run lengths, to primary and secondary slitters for the processing of plastic films. As a manufacturer with over 9,000 machine installations, Goebel uses its experience and expertise to provide its customers with tailor-made solutions for the most diverse requirements.


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