Worldwide packaging opportunities for 2013

Adaptiveness, complexity and opportunities within the packaging industry will be just a few topics that World Packaging Organisation president Thomas Schneider will explore from a worldwide perspective at an IoPP webinar taking place 15 January 2013.

Schneider’s presentation will focus on Business Trends and Opportunities in the Global Packaging Market. Participants will learn where and how new packaging players will enter developing markets overseas and how different cultures apply the values of packaging in different ways, attracting the growing middle class in China or consumers in developing nations such as Africa.
“To be a successful entrant into the international packaging business with a presence in developing nations you must first have a vision for where your company wants to be 20 years from now,” explains Schneider.
“This webinar provides the perfect opportunity to ask the head of a leading global packaging organisation any questions whose answers are crucial to growing your business internationally through packaging,” says Kevin Vyse, director of IoPP UK.
All IoPP members will be able to join the webinar session for free; for non-member there will be a charge of $99.