Wrapping chocolate treat is child’s play for Tisomi Packaging

Tisomi Packaging Machinery’s flow wrapper is helping an artisan confectioner deliver a fun experience for children in the shape of a dairy free, organic chocolate treat, accompanied by a selection of environmentally friendly self-assembly toys

Family-run business Playin Choc, a London-based specialist in vegan and organic confectionery, turned to Tisomi’s expertise in chocolate packaging to meet growing demand, from health-conscious parents as well as kids, for the customer’s delicious product, which also features a pop-up small toy made from biodegradable material.

Supplying versatile equipment designed to handle intricate parts and tricky dimensions is what Tisomi does to support the confectionery industry – along with a first-class customer service – and by working closely with Playin Choc it has delivered a packaging solution for the customer that is reliable, efficient, easy to operate and hygienic.

Having sustainable packaging was also very important to Playin Choc, which uses biodegradable materials and is proud that plastic does not feature in any of its products. To meet this environmental requirement the equipment is flow wrapping 100% home compostable film.

It’s Tisomi’s attention to detail and ‘can do’ attitude which so impresses Playin Choc Director, Dominic Simler, who said: “Tisomi are very good to deal with. They were very knowledgeable and were quickly tuned in to what we wanted to achieve.”

Chocolate is traditionally flow wrapped and the added option of cold-seal technology has helped to increase packaging speeds for temperature sensitive products, the pressure method of sealing being more beneficial than heat sealing, ensuring the integrity of chocolates so that they keep their satisfying, audible snap when chunks are broken off.

Tisomi’s Italian-made flow wrappers, from top-of-the range equipment to compact versions for factories with limited space, are ideally suited for confectionery businesses of any size as they can safely wrap a whole range of different shaped products in any configuration, from indulgent chocolates, sweets and chocolate bars to crisps and snacks.

The company has many decades of experience and offers a prompt, personal service in ascertaining the best solution for a confectioner’s packaging requirements. Tisomi invites interested parties to its Wetherby premises for an in-depth look at the flow wrapping equipment together with an assessment of the client’s specific requirements.

There is an alternative service for prospective customers unable to make the trip to West Yorkshire. They can send samples of products for flow wrapping to the Wetherby facility, which will then be returned with a full packaging appraisal.

Clear film as well as printed film for all different brands can also be supplied. This gives options of clear packaging to see the product inside – most commonly used for multiple items placed inside a larger package.

For more information on Tisomi’s products and services visit www.flowwrap.co.uk or call +44 (0)1937 858204.