Accurate Viscosity Control with the Brookfield AST100 ink viscometer

Improve quality, minimise shade variation, reduce ink consumption by as much as 20% and more

With water-based and solvent-based systems, manual viscosity control will always be less efficient than a good automatic viscosity control system.

  • The viscosity of the ink or coating is always rising due to evaporation
  • With a manual viscosity check made periodically by hand, the operator estimates how much solvent or water to add. This leads to large rises and falls in viscosity, it wastes ink and can lead to reject material being produced


The Brookfield AST100 automatic viscosity control system from Fullbrook Systems offers accurate and precise control over the printing and coating process.


Unlike its predecessors the AST100 has no moving parts and no small or narrow gaps. To the printer this means that the viscometer has a long service life and is easy to clean.

Flexo – Gravure – Adhesive – Can Coating – Lacquer

Poor Manual Viscosity Control


Accurate Viscosity Control


  • Saves time money and ink (by as much as 20%!) by always printing at a consistent viscosity.
  • Does not rely on the operator
  • Optimises the production parameters which means that the system cost is amortised


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