CMC Controls Ltd – web tension control in the converting industry

Continuous and accurate measurement and control of the tension of the material in a process line will not only improve productivity but also product quality and ultimately profitability.

CMC Controls Ltd has been at the forefront of web tension control for many years with customers spanning a variety of manufacturing industries.

Tension transducers

%%IMAGE%%As a leading distributor of CMC / Cleveland Kidder transducers, CMC Controls Ltd can supply the full range of load cells and accessories at competitive prices to customers worldwide.

Benefits of the UltraLine high output semiconductor bridge include wider load range and better rejection of motor and other electrical noise resulting in a higher quality, stable output signal.

More detailed information on the CMC Controls Ltd range of transducers

Web tension measurement and indication

%%IMAGE%%A recent addition to the CMC family of web tension products is the panel mounted Letix indicator unit.

The LETIX indicator uses high specification A/D and D/A converters, power supply, and a bright LED digital display, all housed in a standard DIN size case. The LETIX features as standard a transducer bridge supply excitation of 5v (or 10v) DC, an independently scalable digital display and an isolated analogue output (0 to +10V at 2 mA maximum). It can be used as a remote display and/or as the input to a control system.

Further details of the Letix digital web tension Indicator

Web tension transducers with integrated amplifier

CMC Controls Ltd has a range of load cells with built in amplification for direct connection to a PLC or drive system. Powered by a standard 24V dc supply the load cell can interface directly to a PLC with a 0-10V dc output eliminating the need for an intermediate amplifier.

Datasheet: CMC load cell with integrated amplifier (in .PDF format)

Web tension controllers

%%IMAGE%%Unwind, intermediate and rewind controllers in a panel / cabinet enclosure have been available from CMC Controls Ltd for many years, a recently upgraded version with a tough front panel with embedded set tension, range and run switches incorporates a high brightness, blue 20mm LED array to indicate set tension and run tension.

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