Advanced electrically balanced ionisation in a compact profile

Fraser Anti-Static is launching an advanced static eliminator bar said to have many performance and cost advantages over existing products. The Fraser 3024 is powered by 24V DC and contains all of the high voltage circuitry in a compact profile: 22mm x 40.5mm; there is no requirement for an external power supply.


The 3024 offers electrically balanced ionisation and an ability to cope with a range of speeds and distances. The 3024-S is the high speed version capable of neutralising material running at a speed of 1000m/min at a distance of 50mm. The long range 3024-L is for neutralising products at distances in excess of 500mm.

In addition to the standard 24V DC supply and easy mechanical fixing, the overall length of the 3024 is the same as the effective length, making is particularly suitable for applications where space is limited. The cost is about the same as that of more conventional equipment.

Fraser Anti-Static

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