Avery Dennison offers converters new portfolio

A new portfolio of cost effective, high end elastomeric adhesive tapes developed to adhere to curved surfaces and a variety of low surface energy (LSE) substrates in automotive and building construction applications is now available from Avery Dennison Performance Tapes:

FT 21056 – 50µ transfer tape

FT 7256 – 100µ double coated tissue

FT 7356 — 85µ double coated PET

FT 7956 — 70µ double coated Scrim

Each tape offers greater than 25 N per inch adhesion levels, has dynamic shear values exceeding 500 N per inch and is designed to adhere to dirty or oily surfaces.

“The adhesives can be paired with foam or fiber materials, giving them versatility for converters supporting both the automotive and building construction segments,” says regional product manager Gulsah Metinoz.

“In the automotive industry the tapes find use as an insulation component by affixing sound and vibration dampening foam and fiber materials to the LSE plastics favored by automakers for their light weight. The tapes’ ability to affix to curved surfaces is another advantage in the auto industry since most vehicles today have rounded configurations.

“Some of these same performance characteristics come into play in building construction applications, where the tapes affix energy-saving insulation to pipes but here the tapes deliver an added bonus. Their ability to adhere to many dirty or oily surfaces makes them particularly well-suited for applications in airborne contaminated environments which is where most pipes are located.”