AWA heat shrink sleeve labeling workshop

Heat shrink sleeve labeling is one of the most popular solutions today – particularly for beverages. The visual aesthetics are complemented by tamper-evidence and on glass by physical protection from shards in case of breakage.

AWA Conferences & Events will hold its second annual workshop for professionals in this key packaging and labeling sector on 4-5 October 2012 at Hotel Casa 400 in Amsterdam.

Taking as its agenda ‘a guide to technologies and processes’ the workshop is an opportunity for participants to update their knowledge base on all aspects of the subject from film selection, conversion and application technologies to end use. It is an interactive ‘hands-on’ event that will benefit participants from the disciplines of R&D, quality control and assurance, engineering, sales and marketing.

Leading the workshop are Dr William Llewellyn, vice president and senior consultant, AWA Alexander Watson Associates; Seamus Lafferty, vice president, sales and marketing and Tony Couling, operations manager, Accraply Inc; Darryl Parks, sales manager, Bonset America; Kris van Bael, product manager 3D, Esko Artwork; and Niklas Olsson, global brand manager, Flint Group.