F-type (Flat) Transducers Install Under Pillow Block Bearings

Dover Flexo Electronics launches the rugged ‘F’ transducer, a high-accuracy tension measurement device with a flat-top surface to mount under a pillow block bearing.

Tension transducers, often referred to as ‘load cells’, sense an applied force and send a proportional voltage signal to a display or to a tension controller. The ability to accurately measure tension helps machine operators improve consistency and quality of the flat, flexible materials manufactured in the converting, nonwovens, pulp and paper, and boxboard industries.

While most transducers mount in pairs onto the shaft ends of the idler rolls in a machine’s web path, the F-type transducers install under pillow block bearings that support each end of a live-shaft idler roll. This robust mounting configuration works for heavier loads and applications that involve winding or unwinding at higher tensions, as in the paper industry.

Designed for use in demanding tension measurement environments, the F transducer’s shell consists of a single-piece aluminum base with a removable stainless steel top plate. A rubber seal between the base and top plate prevents water intrusion and other contamination. The transducer’s electrical connector is located at the end of a short cable for easy access during installation.

  • Low-maintenance, corrosion-resistant design can be installed in any orientation
  • Measures loads ranging from under 100 lbs up to 5,000 lbs (45 Kg to 2,275 Kg)
  • Two standard sizes with an 8-inch and 11-inch long top plate
  • Tethered top-plate safety feature and mechanical stops protect from overloads
  • Meets IP 65 standard for ingress protection

Visit http://www.dfe.com/products/trn_ftype.html