Clean room slitter rewinder

SOMA Engineering has launched the VENUS III slitter rewinder designed to convert flexible packaging materials in web widths of 1100-1850mm.

”Our aim was to develop a new generation slitter rewinder with an overhead web path between unwind and rewind units for clean room applications,” explains product manager Jan Sembera. “The system uses the same components and technology as our VENUS model but includes enhancements that bring a new machine to market while keeping a competitive edge.”

Features to optimise efficiency include lower energy consumption and a knife positioning assistant.

Minimum gap winding between the lay-on rollers and material rewind optimises processing of very thin films, self-wound tapes, cold seal and heavy ink lay-down jobs.

An independent cross slitting system permits web cutting and splicing to the new cores automatically.

“The overhead web path permits entry into the pharmaceutical and food packaging markets,” adds Sembera. “The material is at a height well above floor level to ensure clean processing and easy cleaning of the manufacturing area; optional equipment can easily be incorporated without any increase in integration costs.”

The VENUS III is equipped with an additional slitting unit for right edge slitting that ensures high quality slit reels. This eliminates the problems usually associated with tangential slitting of narrow edge trim.


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