Closed loop for web guiding and spreading

At Drupa Erhard+Leimer presented two new products: in connection with a final control element, they offer a closed loop for web guiding and spreading. The PD50 block force transducer’s compact construction allows a smooth integration into most customer applications. All common pedestal bearings can be integrated for the adaption of the rollers, allowing an easy exchange of rollers.

Nominal measuring forces can be adjusted to individual customer requirements and reach from 0,08KN to 2,0KN nominal measuring force. To guarantee a smooth functioning the new block force transducer is protected against mechanical damage up to tenfold of the nominal measuring force.

The DC62 web spreader is distinguished by its compact construction. This could be realised by the integration of the measuring amplifier as well as the power output for the electrical brakes. The DC62 has an adjustable controller structure and can therefore handle a wide variety of applications (open and closed loop). In combination with a colour touch display the menu-driven operating assistant guarantees a smooth and easy commissioning. In addition, the Ethernet interface allows an easy integration into the customer’s control system.

Additional features including the adjustable regulation, 30 formulas, configurable winding characteristic and the alarm function turn the new web spreader into a versatile solution.


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