Tailormade web guide solutions for printed electronics applications

Inometa offers intelligent solutions for various roll-to-roll applications for the printed electronics market. Its CFRP rollers offer a combination of light weight, high strength and excellent vibration damping properties which will allow higher processing speeds in the future.

Especially when thin materials are involved, CFRP rollers ensure low starting torques and precise web guidance which makes them ideal guide rollers. To avoid overstretching or ripping when coating, thin films need to be handled with low web tension. Inometa sensor rollers with integrated web tension measuring technology ensure web tension forces of setpoint precision and thus a smooth web transport. Inometa also supplies the analysis software for safe and high-quality coating processes involving sensitive materials. For high-end applications including vacuum coating, Inometa has developed multifunctional coatings for web guiding applications. Extremely wear-resistant PROTEK coatings can be designed to perfectly match the application. Carbide and ceramic coatings are extremely resistant against high temperatures and surface wear.

Non-stick coatings keep the roller surface free of build-up and contamination, helping prevent production waste. Easy to clean, they ensure a high product quality in seamless processes.


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