Coatema wins ID TechEx award

Coatema Coating Machinery was honoured with the Technical Development Manufacturing Award from IDTechEx during Printed Electronics USA 2011 for its Smartcoater. The award recognises the ‘most significant development of a manufacturing device in the industry over the past 24 months’.

This follows winning the prestigious prize for its Click&Coat concept during the European Printed electronics event earlier in 2011.

Coatema designed the Smartcoater because early adoption of R2R at lab or pilot phases can make scale-up to a full production process easier and less costly. The wide range of production speed at a working width of 100 mm provides new possibilities.

In addition to slot die, knife, dipping (foulard), micro-roller and engraved roller application, other  odules can be added including screen printing, flexo printing or UV spraying. Even the drying system can be chosen to meet the customer’s specific requirements.

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