SATO acquires Argox to grow business

SATO Group has acquired Argox Information, a major manufacturer of barcode printers, barcode scanners, and portable terminals.

Ever-expanding its market influence Argox has focused on China, Brazil and Turkey and is on track to become a main provider of auto-ID solutions in several countries including India, Russia and South Africa.

“SATO adopted a holding company structure on 3 October 2011 and as a result realised many benefits including strengthened profitability, growth potential, advancements in technology innovations and investment in new and/or growing businesses,” explains Kaz Matsuyama, president and CEO of SATO Holdings Corporation. “The acquisition of Argox exemplifies our mission and complements the business models of both Argox and SATO. SATO will continue to escalate its expansion of business into emerging markets which includes strengthening a label production facility for printer consumables in Poland and completing simultaneous acquisitions of label production companies in China, Argentina, and Brazil. We will be able to fully enjoy the strategic relationships between those investments in addition to this important Argox acquisition.”

Argox will continue its operations as an independent entity, reporting to SATO Holdings Corporation.

Going forward, SATO and Argox will leverage strategic benefits from each other such as cooperative relationships in product development and a reduction in developmental costs. The current management of Argox will remain in place as both companies operate independently with a

‘strategically complementary relationship’ to ensure that each takes full advantage of its individual strengths.

SATO Group