Coating from lab to full production

Hundreds of visitors from around the world visited Coatema’s stand to get the latest solutions for printing and coating plants especially its wide range of products from the small lab unit up to the complete production line for producing printed electronics. A good third of all discussions during the show involved Coatema’s award winning Smartcoater. Since its launch in summer 2010 it is popular with institutes, start-ups as well as with established companies for the high degree of adaptability of the roll-to-roll unit for instance by the 5-in-1 coating module.

Equipped with the needed systems to produce all layers of a product, the small working width enables cost-effective work as only small amounts of substrates and chemistry is required.

That Coatema also possesses expertise in the large format is verified by the PrintoCent production line which offers on two floors all printing and coating steps to produce large area printed electronic devices. Allowing roll-to-roll mass production, the PrintoCent line is equipped with interchangeable printing and coating units: gravure and reverse gravure printing, rotary screen printing, flexography printing and slot die coating. The line operates with a working width of 300 mm and an operation speed of 0,1 up to 30m/min.


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