CZECH REPUBLIC: New automation and eco slitter

SOMA ENGINEERING has announced the development of a new system to automate impression and register settings. Falcon II is the second generation of automation technology from Soma and consists of two processes designated Automatic Impression Setting and Smart Register by BST International. The Automatic Impression Setting program sets the printing pressure at the start of a job without the need for dedicated print marks.

The system is claimed to reduce waste at start-up by as much as 70 percent and reduces make-ready times by up to 50 percent allowing both long and short printing runs to be processed economically and with significantly improved profit margins. Impression and register for a 10 colour job on average can waste between 150-180m of material substrate. Falcon II reduces waste down to a standard 45m.

Eco slitter

At last year’s K2010 show Soma launched its Pluto eco slitter based on the theme of think economically and slit ecologically’. The system can be supplied in basic format to provide an entry-level or start-up machine for standard volume work and added to as and when converting requirements change. The Pluto eco is Soma’s response to converters looking for a reliable but economically priced slitter rewinder that offers maximum production versatility.

The system is aimed at companies processing high volumes of material and has been developed to both reduce investment and running cost and with preservation of the environment in mind. This has been achieved by eliminating hydraulics to reduce power consumption and permit clean, oil free operation. These features together with a new, streamlined design combine to bring customers a cost effective, environmentally friendly machine. A special web path permits the machine to be utilised for food and pharmaceutical slitting.

The Pluto eco is said to be capable of processing 1100, 1350 and 1650mm web widths at a maximum slitting speed of 500m/min. and enable users to respond quickly and flexibly to the most varied of customer requirements. A wide range of materials and formats can be slit. These include multiple layer laminates up to 130 g/m3, glass fibre laminates, co-extruded films of mixed quality, paper, PP and PET from ultra-thin 0,015mm to 0,060mm and PE up to 0,200 mm. The machine has a maximum rewind diameter of 635mm and a minimum slit width of 35mm with option for as lows as 25mm.

Shaftless operation at unwind with pneumatically controlled braking system simplify operation and optional automatic laser core positioning on rewind shafts assist the operator to carry out precise and fast core setting for new jobs. This uses common data for the knife assistant positioning system. Easier knife exchange is carried out directly within the machine eliminating the need to remove heavy shafts (male and female). The female knife shaft is located within the slitter rewinder and female knives are loaded easily through a convenient access on the side of the machine. A logically designed central control panel and self-explanatory user interface combine to assist the operator. Additional options include ionisation bars to reduce static, individual lay-on rollers and Tenzomat II that measures real tension values for each working moment and enables precise rewind tension regulation during the complete rewind cycle.


The company has up-graded the design specifications of its Pluto II slitter rewinder to further enhance performance and efficiency while keeping investment costs down. Already manufactured to high standards at a reasonable capital cost, the upgrades are aimed at giving customers a top quality, value for money machine capable of handling a wide range of materials.

An additional adjustable roller has been added to the system to compensate material shortcomings in a diagonal direction. This contributes to higher slit, and rewind quality even when processing lower quality material. Software has been upgraded in the area using lay-on rollers giving a more accurate and constant impression value during the rewinding process. A new system for position setting of lay-on and dancer rolls provide for easy installation and operation.

Soma orders

On the sales front, the Czech company has announced the installation of two slitting and rewinding machines from its Planet range at Safta, Italy. The Pluto II and Venus II models from Soma join six existing slitting machines at the Piacenza-based company and are part of its plans to improve quality and production efficiencies. The specification of both 1350mm wide slitter rewinders include Soma’s Tensomat II system for precise rewind tension control through PLC, automatic knife/razor and laser core positioning as well as intuitive controls to simplify operation.

“SAFTA first saw the Pluto II machine demonstrated at the last ICE show and were impressed with its high engineering standards and quality of slitting on a wide range of substrates,” says Pavla Kusa of Soma. The purchase of the Pluto II was soon followed with an order for the larger, AC Servo driven Venus II model. “We know customers have choices and appreciate the confidence SAFTA has placed in investing in our equipment.”


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