Drying technology undergoing incremental change

Conventional drying and curing techniques have not undergone radical change in the last decade but the challenges posed by new inks and substrates mark a turning point. Converter profiles one converting equipment agency with its finger on the pulse hat has over a quarter of a century of experience to find out what suppliers it represents and why.

FORMED IN 1979, UK-based Jarshire has chosen to represent systems and ancillary equipment for the converting and paper making industries that it believes provide the broadest range of technology solutions.

Included in its portfolio are the gas and infrared air drying systems from Bekeart-Solaronics which, with more than 25-years’ experience, more than 900 systems installed throughout the world and a continuous programme devoted to the development of new drying solutions, stand out as the worldwide leader in the field of non-contact drying, says Jarshire CEO David Jobson. Four Bekaert-Solaronics products, he maintains, have direct applications in the converting industry.


The Monocassette range consists of IR heaters starting from the 1 kW/360mm version up to 3 kW/790mm. These flexible units are easily combined into larger drying systems to cover almost any kind of drying process in the power range from 1 kW up to 40 kW.

It is estimated that by replacing traditional air blowers with rapid, infrared, Monocassettes, energy cost savings will pay for the equipment in a matter of months. Additional benefits include cleaner running with speeds 30% faster, less downtime for waste adhesive removal, and a substantial gain in product quality with reduced wastage.

Typical applications include drying in printing machines, drying of glue, laboratory applications and special usage outside the paper converting industry. The equipment is suitable for all types of ink and glue drying in the converting, corrugating and printing industries and potential customers can test the Monocassettes, on their own machines, prior to purchase at no cost to themselves.

In addition to a large variety of IR heaters, the Monocassette product family also includes power control units, cooling air fans, air distributors, and mountings.


When more power is needed and web width rises above 1,000mm, the most appropriate and convenient product is the Mastercassette. Typical applications for Mastercassettes include offset drying, flexo print, drying of corrugated board and tissue, paper lamination, and similar processes.

Mastercassettes can be customised in many ways – width, power and ventilation- in order to meet a customer’s needs. The electrical system, including automation, can also be modified to fit the process. Power can be regulated by means of temperature measurement or machine speed. Even the drying width can be adjusted according to web width.


The MiniFlex is designed especially for space limited machines. For example, it can be used between printing stations on flexographic printing machines as the space requirement in the machine direction is only 200mm. Applications are the same as for Mastercassette and include offset, corrugated board and tissue drying, and paper lamination.

Miniflex 2

Miniflex 2 has been developed for machines that do not require the same level of power as the original Minflex unit. As a result, the cost of a Miniflex 2 is some 30 percent lower.

Also designed locations where space is limited, Miniflex 2 systems are of compact, modular design offering fast start-up and step-less power control. Power can be regulated by means of temperature or machine speed and with options to allow for web width, automation and ventilation, almost any drying application can be met.

MiniFlex 2 can be delivered as a complete drying system including a standard electrical cabinet with automatic process control and ventilation system. With a lead-time of just six weeks, delivery is quicker than for a tailor-made MiniFlex that has a more sophisticated electrical cabinet.

Jarshire maintains a dedicated service, repair and spare parts facility on the outskirts of Glasgow and, from four fully equipped vans, engineers can provide customers with a reliable on-site service and maintenance facility 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the UK and Ireland.


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