EDI’s Premier Dies Unit introduces complete slot die coating stations

A self-contained slot die coating station to be introduced to the Asian converting industry at ICE Asia 2012 combines robust construction, versatility and consistent accuracy, according to Premier Dies Corporation which will exhibit the system at the EDI stand (C17). Premier Dies is a business of EDI which purchased the company earlier this year. 

Custom-built to accommodate a wide range of die sizes, the coating station includes flexible- or fixed-lip coating head, die support, fluid delivery unit and coating rolls. Precision engineering and heavy-duty stainless steel construction contribute to the high degree of accuracy and repeatability achieved by the coating station, according to Robert Shakal, vice president of Premier Dies.

As an example of the system’s repeatability he noted that the positioning of the die relative to the coating roll is held within a range of only 2.5 microns.

Premier Dies can build the coating station for installation in either new or existing coating lines. A modular version of the station can be moved on- and off-line.

“Modular coating stations provide versatility and help reduce downtime for die maintenance or job changes,” says Shakal. “Some of our North American customers use the movable station to alternate between slot die and conventional roll coating while others switch among several coating stations, each with a different slot die.” The coating station is designed to accommodate supported-web and unsupported-web configurations. Four axes of die adjustment are available. Coating rolls may be either stainless steel or chrome-plated. The station can include a built-in vacuum box to help control the coating bead.

“The Premier Dies coating station makes it possible for more converters to obtain the advantages of slot die coating over roll coating,” says Shakal. “As a completely enclosed, pre-metered system, slot die coating is more efficient and controllable than roll coating. While roll coating and other open systems actually apply to the substrate only part of the coating material delivered to them and recirculate the rest, slot die coating prevents this exposure to the environment, eliminating workplace emissions and contamination.” An extensively equipped Coating Center at the Premier Dies facility in Wisconsin is available to companies interested in trial runs of a wide range of slot die coating processes.