Efficient flotation dryers benefit from nozzle system

Spooner has developed a wide range of highly energy efficient flotation and impingement dryers including the HPC Dryer and the ModuleDryer produced jointly with Voith Paper which developed a concept for a new generation of machines in which open draws are reduced to an absolute minimum.

It combines high evaporation rates with excellent web handling, allowing simultaneous turning and drying or cooling of the web. The key element is Spooner’s unique nozzle system employed in the turning sections. This allows the web to be turned through a given angle in a stable manner without loss of heat transfer.

The ModuleDryer can combine the full range of heating, drying and cooling technologies. Multiple zoning allows the system to be tailored to satisfy individual customer requirements. Advantages of this concept are overall shorter machines, superior web stability, reduced downtime and energy savings.

Developed in response to the industry’s requirement for a high performance drying system, the High Performance Compact (HPC) Dryer combines web handling and the mass transfer capabilities of a conventional flotation system to achieve the heat transfer capabilities and compactness of a typical IR system. The web is supported throughout on a dynamic air pressure pad with high clearance, achieving non-contact web handling. This makes the system effective over a wide range of processes and substrates. The Spooner air float nozzles are located above and below the web path and supplemented by an equal amount of air impingement nozzles; this configuration creates twice the heat transfer of conventional air flotation dryers.

The performance of Spooner’s HPS (High Performance Spoonerfloat) lies between the conventional Spoonerfloat and the HPC nozzle system. The HPS nozzle has shown enhanced web handling characteristics for sensitive grades including porous non-wovens.

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