Energy-efficient drying

Specialists from IST METZ and Heidelberger Druckmaschinen went together on a journey through time at drupa 2012 to look at the history of UV technology.

“In the year of our company’s 35th birthday we made a conscious decision for the relaxed feel of our presentation which was received very well by the visitors”, comments managing director Dirk Jägers.

Visitors could find out everything about IST’s new products. The BLK-6 is a newly developed UV system designed to meet application requirements in rotary printing. When compared to conventional UV systems, extraordinary progress has been made in drying performance here without any increase in UV lamp output. This means greater productivity with reduced operating costs. IST METZ is also focusing on the efficient use of energy in label printing with the innovative UV system MBS-6.

Thanks to the completely redesigned URS Duo reflector geometry, just one lamp output of 120 W/cm is required to achieve the same drying results as those from lamp outputs up to 200 W/cm. The energy saved has a direct impact on the customer’s electricity bill.

The long-term orientation toward more energy efficiency and cost saving and continual customer support with a wide spectrum of services has paid dividends in recent years. The company’s confident presentation has been reflected in the order books.

“We are very happy with the contacts we made at drupa. Compared to the last drupa we managed to maintain the order volume which is a terrific success given the lower visitor numbers this year”,  concludes Jägers.

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