Energy-efficient regenerative web guiding system

As a part of its commitment to ‘actively reduce energy usage’ Universal Converting Equipment has developed a ‘regenerative’ web guiding system. The Converter Guide 4 is designed as an upgrade for slitters and winding machines or as a replacement for obsolete or inefficient guiders. The guider is operated via a touchscreen interface which is very simple to use.

The Converter Guide 4 web guider is energy efficient partly because it uses electric linear actuators instead of dirty and inefficient hydraulics.

A typical guider actuator spends as much time braking as it does motoring; the energy produced by braking is stored to be utilised during the motoring phases of operation, thereby reducing the overall energy consumption of the web guider.

The Converter Guide 4 web guider is designed to retrofit onto a wide range of slitting machines including Atlas, Titan, Kampf, Goebels, Parkland, Cameron, Elite, Dusenbery, Ashe Converting.

It can also be used on other converting equipment including coating and laminating machines, sheeters, unwinds, presses and hot melt coating machines.

It can be used to replace web guiding system from Fife, Erhard+Leimer or BST or built into new installations.

Universal Converting

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