Euromac TB-3p at ICE – Duplex slitter with short overhead bridge and integrated unwinder

Euromac will be exhibiting at ICE in Munich with a 70 sqmetres stand in Hall A6 – Booth 484. Visitors will have the chance to see the recently launched slitter model TB-3p which is part of the very successful TB-3 series. The TB-3p machine is a fully equipped Duplex slitter like all TB-3’s, but has the peculiarity of having a short overhead bridge with integrated unwinder for a compact size and short webpath and still maintaining great ergonomics and knives accessibility.  This makes this machine extremely suitable for sensitive films and foils but also for the regular flexible packaging materials. The exhibited TB-3p is specifically designed for aluminium foil and foil laminates and features a specific web path under the knives for both wrap as tangential slitting, a load-cell rewind control system on two differential friction shafts.  Other standard features are the laser pointers for core positioning and the twin bar roll offloader. Since it’s launching last year Euromac has sold several machines type TB-3p expecially in the field of aluminium foil conversion and it’s becoming a widely enquired model.

The TB-3.06p on ICE comes with the following main specifications : Web width of1.300 mm, unwind diameter of1.000 mmand rewind diameter of610 mm, whilst the standard machine speed is 600 m/min. Please contact us for further info regarding this machine or all our other slitter rewinders.

After the ICE exhibition Euromac is looking forward to invite Customers to Converflex2013 inMilano in May.

Hendrik van Rooijen – Euromac