Tension Measurement & Control at ICE USA stand 102

Are you attending the International Converting Exhibition (ICE USA) to be held in Orlando, Florida from April 9th – 11th ?

If so, don’t miss the exciting demo over at the Dover Flexo stand (#102). There you’ll see and learn about the new communications options of the SteadyWebTM5 tension controller. The SteadyWeb5 digital controller maintains set tension on a web in any zone to improve process consistency.

In the demonstration, the SteadyWeb5 controller will take a tension input signal from a Narrow Web tension transducer mounted on a display stand. Visitors to the DFE booth will be able to access the SteadyWeb 5’s built-in wifi webserver remotely with a smartphone or other wi-fi-enabled device to view tension changes applied to the Narrow Web transducer.


For setup and configuration, a machine technician may use the front panel color graphic interface with its convenient scroll knob, or he may choose the communications option that best fits the operating environment.       

Choose an option:

  • Serial Communication – Modbus RTU or HCI available as RS232 or RS485 interfaces
  • Ethernet – An optional 10/100 Base-T Ethernet card with RJ45 Jack for remote web access

This new generation of full-featured controller helps plant management bring operators up to speed with minimal training time via the color backlit LCD with illustrated prompts and color graphics. The large front dial allows easy scrolling through configuration values.

Mike Mills, a DFE customer and Plant Engineer at McMurray Fabrics noted, “I’ve got to say setting up the SteadyWeb 5 was simple. I am very impressed with the setup of the menus and how easy it is to navigate through each stage of the setup.”
”I’m now ready to tune the PID loop and the fact that I can adjust each segment while watching the graph is brilliant!
I can tell this was designed by people who have been out in the field doing  startups.
I’ve been designing and commissioning tension control systems since 1985 and this is how I would design a tension controller.”

Dover Flexo will also demonstrate several other new products at ICE USA:

%%IMAGE%%The EasyView™ indicator is a compact, low-cost general-purpose web tension amplifier and display device for web printers, converters and web process manufacturers. It mounts on a machine frame in its enclosure version, or may install into a panel cutout on an OEM operator panel or in a cabinet.

The EasyView is powered by 24 Volts DC and amplifies a web tension signal from tension transducers installed in a machine’s web path. It displays an accurate tension reading on an analog or digital meter while supplying an isolated 0-to-10 VDC tension signal output to a PLC, drive, or controller.  

Quik-Cal is a labor-saving feature of EasyView that makes it easier for the maintenance technician to set up a new unit. During setup, the technician or operator pushes a ZERO button and a CALIBRATE button for one second each to set the Zero and Span settings, rather than having to turn potentiometers. Because the zero and calibration settings are stored digitally, the output is stable and drift-free over time and varying temperature.

“The EasyView is one of DFE’s most popular new devices because of the combined elements of electrical isolation, ease-of-use, size and competitive price,” claims Glyn Green, DFE’s Field Sales Manager.    

DFE’s new Silencer™ pads eliminate brake squeal. The company offers five sizes of heavy-duty dual disk pneumatic brake to cover wide torque range for converting unwind applications. The NO-SQUEAL WARRANTY and SILENCER brake pads ensure that converters are no longer forced to endure screeching brakes. Ultra-low maintenance Universal style dual-cylinder actuators fit interchangeably with brakes of some other manufacturers.

  • A range of brake sizes for most unwind applications is available.
  • The hassle-free pad lock-in feature allows friction pad change-out in seconds
  • The limited-travel return springs cannot puncture the diaphragms
  • Silencer™ Pads (a single pair) kill brake squeal

Visit dfe.com or call for more info.